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How to Make Hand Sanitizer Recipe

The hand sanitizer is compounded according to the following formula consistent with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations:

A. Alcohol (ethanol) (formulated to 80%, volume/volume (v/v)) in an aqueous solutions; or Isopropyl Alcohol (formulated to 75%, v/v) in an aqueous solution.
B. Glycerin (glycerol) (1.45% v/v)
C. Hydrogen Peroxide (0.125% v/v)
D. Sterile distilled water or boiled cold water. 

The compounder does not add other active or inactive ingredients, such as ingredients to improve the smell or taste due to risk of accidental ingestion in children. Different or additional ingredients may impact the quality and potency of the product.

The compounder pays particular attention to ensure the ethanol or isopropyl alcohol active ingredient is correct and the correct amount of active ingredient is used.